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Handcrafted Humidors  Through Dovetail

A through dovetail is a joinery  technique that has been used for centuries. It joins two adjacent wood corners, eliminating the use of nails.

It is commonly used on Blanket Chests, Sugar Chests and solid wood drawers.

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Joinery Used at the Shop:

Most joinery used today  has been used for centuries. These joinery techniques are the most common methods of building a piece of custom furniture. A dovetailed chest of drawers will use, a through dovetail for the case, half-blind dovetail for the drawers and a sliding dovetail for the shelves and drawer dividers.

Half Blind Dovetail

Half blind dovetails are used for joining two adjacent corners together. Called half-blind because you only see the dovetail from one side. Most common application is for drawers.

Mortise and Tenon

A mortise and tenon is used for making doors, wooden frames or joining a table apron to a leg. This joint is real secure when pegged and glued. The picture above is a stile and rail for a glass door.

French Dovetail

This joinery  technique is used to join a shelf to a side. It is the most secure way to assemble a chest of drawers or a cupboard without using nails or screws. Also, referred to as sliding dovetail.