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Handcrafted Humidors  Design/Quote Custom Made Furniture:

Each piece of furniture begins as a rough concept drawing,. Once the rough drawing is in the realm of what the client wants, I begin a CAD drawing,, drawn to scale and printed.  I send a CAD drawing either by email or mail to the client.  The CAD drawing is printed to scale, so, I can determine if the style and proportion will look good.  When a client places an order I request an initial deposit. The deposit is 50% of the final price. The remaining balance is due prior to shipping or at the time of delivery. I send photos of the product to clients whom have ordered over the phone or the inter net. Each product is signed and dated, and can be personalized.

The design process begins with a concept drawing.

This is usually detailed enough to give an estimate or firm price on a custom piece of furniture. Along with  drawing is a list of specifications, and finish type. I price the product based on the wood selection and time involved.

This is an example of a more detailed CAD drawing. The drawing has more detail and is drawn to scale. I have printed a life size picture of a piece of furniture, to show a client the actually size of some pieces. This is an example of a three drawer chest.

I have had people tell me they have been looking for furniture for years. The will send me a stack of  accumulated magazine clippings or pictures from books, all of which helps in developing a concept drawing.