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Handcrafted Tennessee Furniture Maker Michael McGuire

I was fortunate to have parents, whom were industrious and self employed. I began as a teenager, crafting small projects and helping my dad with antiques. I grew up going to estate auctions and flea markets.  Living with pre 1800 furniture, I developed an appreciation of proportion, style and joinery. A Sheraton 1/3 scale chest, made from Mahogany was my first project, with guidance from my dad. I was about 14 years old, and at the time I didn’t really have the feeling that I would do this or the rest of my life. After graduating from University of Vermont. We started, McGuire Family Furniture Makers and Vermont Clock Co., It was an instant success. We sold to specialty stores, as well as Germany.

Today, I have an appreciation of Modern furniture and are continually adding new looks to my furniture, adding metal as an accent to quality hardwoods.

This is a project I designed for a client in Columbia, SC. It was built from solid Cherry, and a flitch of Cherry Veneer. The flitch was bought from a veneer mill. Each piece of veneer was line matched. I do built in projects, usually when a customer requests a piece.

The Walnut corner cupboard began with, the client asking to fill a corner in their home. It is considered and architectural corner cupboard because of the details, fluted columns, accent moldings and topped with large dental-crown molding. I designed this piece, it accompanied a large serving piece in the dining room.

My back ground in antiques, was beneficial for developing an understanding of furniture styles and details.

I have worked on full Living Rooms, designing and building interior millwork and cabinetry, for as much as $400,000, for interior projects. Yeah, It involves hundreds up pieces, when the puzzle is finally united, it becomes a unique interior, all handcrafted.

I have been building furniture for 23 years. My appreciation of Shaker and Early American furniture is mirrored in my designs.

I have a degree in Art History, with an emphasis in Architecture. I like all styles of furniture, working on a design, until it is appealing aesthetically and serves a functional use.

Designs are often strictly functional, offering a product to serve or to eat from, it’s up to a designer to take it to the next step and work with their client, expressing their interests and needs. Creating a piece of furniture from rough lumber to final product.

I have worked with a lot of interesting people, through the years.  It’s real rewarding to create something, that will become a family heirloom.

My furniture style is both reproduction work and my own designs, becoming more recognized as my style. I grew  up in a house full of Eighteenth Century furniture, so I was fortunate at an early age.  My appreciation of Modern Lines and Function has begun a new venture for more contemporary textures, wood and styles. Soon, to be added to my website.